Chronicles of Equestria: The True Mare

10 08 2011

Hey, everypony! TaisiHyuuga here! How has your summer been? Mine has been fantastic. A few bad moments here and there, but everything is going well! I feel that the summer is one of the best times of years. Sure, still gotta work, but it’s soooooo relaxing in the evening. Anyway, here’s a story chapter for you! More after the break!

This next post another chapter in the Chronicles of Equestria saga that Jon K. Phelps has created. In fact, he has a few words for the readers:

“I know the first chapter was kinda bad in some areas and I’m still revising it as well as taking a look at the next few chapters. I’m a first-time public author and this is totally different than how I’m used to writing. I’m also sorry if it seems like I’m dragging out the Prologue chapters! It’s taken a life of its own on me! Hehehe.”



With no further ado, I present to you Chapter Two of Chronicles of Equestria: The True Mare.




One response

10 08 2011
Brittany Echavaria

There is not enough buttons for me to express how much I like this!!

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