12 08 2011

Don’t forget that YOU, the viewers of this blog, can send in stories, poems, videos-to-post, fan-art, whatever have you! Find out more on this post!

Step 1: Find a video (or make one!) on YouTube, some art (must be yours!) about the ponies, write a fanfic (must be yours!).

Step 2: Send an email to with your art, story (or even poem!), video, whatever!

Step 3: Our reviewers take a look at the video and get feedback on it!

Step 4: ?????????

Step 5: PROFIT! (Okay, that was weak.) But it’s true! Once your stuff is officially approved, you’ll have a post of material on PHQ and we will contact you by giving you the link!

It’s just that easy! So send in your material or something you think we should showcase! (Just remember that stories and art MUST be yours if you want crediting for it! Videos must be on Youtube. Enjoy your day, everypony, and send in your stuff!





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13 08 2011

Roger that Pinkie

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