A Realm of Feelings

11 08 2011

TaisiHyuuga here with our first submission of material from somepony other than Jon K. Phelps! This is fantastic news. Read the rest of this entry »


Chronicles of Equestria: The True Mare

10 08 2011

Hey, everypony! TaisiHyuuga here! How has your summer been? Mine has been fantastic. A few bad moments here and there, but everything is going well! I feel that the summer is one of the best times of years. Sure, still gotta work, but it’s soooooo relaxing in the evening. Anyway, here’s a story chapter for you! More after the break! Read the rest of this entry »

FanFic: Chronicles of Equestria: The True Mare -Chapter One

26 07 2011


A story by Jon K. Phelps

Seven years after the fall of Nightmare Moon, it was time again for the annual Summer Sun Celebration and much happiness, but fate has something different in store for the land of Equestria. Upon the lowering of the moon, tradgedy strikes and Equestria must fight.

Sounds exciting 😀

Chapter One

Poem: Scootalove

19 07 2011


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Fanfic poem: To Love the Intolerable

14 07 2011

hello once again everypony. here we have, not a true fanfic, but rather a pony inspired poem. its interesting how these ponies, through love and friendship, have changed all of us, and can even change world so long as we are willing.  So please enjoy this poem by Jon K. Phelps.

I look at you and start to smile

Not for your looks nor your attitude.

I smile because you’re total bile

And I am not your ‘Dude’.


You always tricked me and you constantly hit me

And you showed your true self for all to see.

I tried to be your pal, your buddy, and even your ‘friend’

But, with truth to be told, it just didn’t work out in the end.


You denied to me what I was rightfully due.

You tried to make me feel like I was less than you.

You sighed at me when I was so-called ‘wrong’.

You lied to me nearly all the day long.


NO MORE will I take any of this abuse.

I’ll just walk away now and sip my orange juice.

I won’t blaspheme your name or even give you my hate.

I’ll sit here and enjoy myself while I love and tolerate.

Fanfic: Reviews

14 07 2011

Hey guys, Silver Mane here. I’ve read a good number of fics so far, nearly 100 according to my spreadsheet. I’ve decided to keep a list of my favorites as a… suggestion list, or perhaps a starting place for others. So, here are my current favorites. For a list of all documented fanfics that have been submitted to Equestria Daily, try here. http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/05/amazing-fic-reading-checklist.html

Note: You may notice a large number of high scores; this is due to the quality checks of the site I use for stories, so it will be rare for me to read a poor story. Besides that, this is a list to draw attention to great fics, so I will typically not put in a story that doesn’t get a least an 8, although I make some exceptions.

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Fanfic: Trixie`s Retarded Day

13 07 2011

{Comedy} {Random}

Hey Guys, Nic here with an…uh…(weird?) fanfic. Well, I guess you can go ahead and read it for yourself. Just be warned, it`s funny as hell

Google Docs Link:


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