-Clap, Clap- Time for Pony Rock! -Clap, Clap-

12 08 2011


Ah, memories of Fraggle Rock. TaisiHyuuga here with your Pony Rock Throw Back.

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Fun Internet Video

10 08 2011

TaisiHyuuga here! It’s around that time of year in which children are going back to school and the parents, having had to deal with all summer, are glad that it is back in session. Read the rest of this entry »

Video: PMV Pony Swag

18 07 2011

Swagberg has done it again. a song just for us bronies, go check it out and show them some love ^_^

Video: Rainbow dash is Awesome

13 07 2011

thats right! our favorite Pegasus is more than the average pony. a MLP PMV with “I’m Awesome” by Spose. A good song and good synching makes this video a winner.

Video: Night of the Pony

13 07 2011

First content!
There really isnt much i can say about this video, although it pretty much seems to sum up the entire series very well. I watched this video about 15 times and still laugh whenever i see it. Enjoy it!