The Daily Dose

10 08 2011

TaisiHyuuga, here! I like what the other Admin was doing with pony pictures. It was an awesome idea. Read the rest of this entry »


New Administrator

10 08 2011

Hey, everypony! I’m TaisiHyuuga and I’ve been added on as a new site administrator to the site!

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FanFic: Chronicles of Equestria: The True Mare -Chapter One

26 07 2011


A story by Jon K. Phelps

Seven years after the fall of Nightmare Moon, it was time again for the annual Summer Sun Celebration and much happiness, but fate has something different in store for the land of Equestria. Upon the lowering of the moon, tradgedy strikes and Equestria must fight.

Sounds exciting 😀

Chapter One

Poem: Scootalove

19 07 2011


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Video: PMV Pony Swag

18 07 2011

Swagberg has done it again. a song just for us bronies, go check it out and show them some love ^_^

Game: Rainbow pony Dash

18 07 2011

kenn here. I’m sure alot of you bronies have played this. but for those who haven’t, here it is! a mod of Robot unicorn attack, this game is fun and addicting. just click the picture to play!

The Daily Pony Dose: Rainbow Dash

14 07 2011

well, it was hard to find some pictures that didnt include rule 34, but here you go:



Dat Flank.

She’s so awesome, she needs an entire freaking headset!